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terror on the streets of d.c. someone opened fire on a crowd of people. we'll have the latest on the hunt for the shooter. mission accomplished. virginia senator jim webb helps secure the release of a hostage in mear and mar. dad hasbeen laid off and mom has a illness. >> a familiar story taking its toll on unsuspected victim.
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many without a place to live. mod oorning. ing d lcome to fox 5 rn news sunday. i'm melanie -- alnwick. tropical storms in virgin island. now we're getting word of a storm in florida as well. tucker barnes is joining us with the details. >> after months of silence, g w have active weather now. let's go to max hd radar and tain -- take a look. we have three storms here. we have anna, bill, and now we have tropical depression ebem number ur four. nd and air up west that could be claudette. bnd let's go to washington at
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r.thp nes hioscrth e area. ne across e h and it looks like a nice sunday for us. bright skies expected and very warm temperatures. we'll have highs eventually in the upper 80s and low 90s, so warmer than during the day yesterday. reagan national right now is off to a very mild start. dulles is 71. dwi marshall, 69. no shower or thunderstorm activities. if you plans today, get out and enjoy it and bring some sun tan lotion. high temperature of 91 degrees. i showed you the tropical bas. i'll have more details on the storms coming up. sarah. >> thank you, tucker. and now to a oson the streets of d.c. someone fired into an open crowd hitting 7 people, some of them teen- agers. this morning still no sign of the shooter. fox 5's roz plater has the latest.
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>> reporter: just after 6:00 there were hundreds of people along minnesota avenue near a bus stop just outside the metro station. that's when police say someone walked up and opened fire. mothers, children, teen-agers, all scrambled for cover but 7 of them were hit and police don't know why. some witnesses say a beef may have started at an earlier go- go event. >> it's crazy of people shooting from what happened during paradise day and they came back and started shooting around minnesota. >> reporter: investigators tell us that is one possibility they are looking into. >> we did earlier have a go-go event in the 6th district and they had let out of a large crowd and possibly, again unconfirmed, possibly some of the people were connected with that event. >> reporter: police sent hours to trying to reconstruct the
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scene but still have very little to go on. roz plater, fox 5 news. >> now the youngest victim is said to be just 14 years old. the good news is none of the injuries are life-threatening. an american man held prisoner in myanmar is coming home. son tore welcome back has agreed to hand over a prisoner after being sentenced to 7 years. senator welcome back and the man have arrived in bangkok. it's not clear when he will return home to missouri. and a quake hit western indonesia today. the 7.0 magnitude quake has
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hit. a marine from alexandria is one of the latest casualties of the war in afghanistan. bill cahir decided to join the marines after 9/11. he leaves behind a wife who is pregnant with twins. ren gray houston has a loker look at the loss of a hero. >> reporter: the alexandria street where bill cahir lives has lost a patriot. >> we are stunned. >> reporter: he was killed by enemy fire in southern afghanistan. friends are expressing condolences on internet htbsites and neirsheyt e are a close-knit group and are devastated. >> when it was tird ithird tour you get hema deimmune because it through two. >> reporter: two tours in iraq
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and now afghanistan. a sweet behind a een, renee, couple and she's pregnant with twin girls. >> reporter: he starts out as a journalist for the express times paper in pennsylvania. then owned by the new house newspapers, deborah howl was washington bureau chief. >> he loved being a ror tep er loved being a marine. >> reporter: at 34, he was old to enlist in the marines but it was after 9/11 and no one could talk him out of it. >> and i said bill, you could get killed. and i said, i know that. but he felt called, like he was called to do it like a religion calling. >> reporter: others who have lost family in the militar have shown upport. >> we would see him running and doing the aerobics out in the front yard. >> reporter: he retued t g einrtreporting after
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serving in iraeand then ran for congress in pennsylvania's 5th district last year and lost in the democratic primary. his wife was at dover air force base in delaware to meet the plane that brought his body home. he was a highly decorated marine. he'll be buried with full honors at arlington cemetery. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> his twin daughters are due in november. attacks in afghanistan are on the rise, ahead of the country's second presidential election. yesterday the biggest insurgent attack in kabul in 16 months. a suicide car bomber struck near the front gates, killing 7 people and wounding nearly 100. the bomber managed to get through sever rings of afghan police. the taliban is claiming responsibility. they will head to the polls for the election on thursday.
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a close call for an off- duty police officer driving through clinton, maryland. the charles county officer was driving in his personal pickup when he heard gunfire. one of the bullets hit his truck. police have searched the area but not been able to find a shooter. prince william county police are asking for help to find this man, 21-year-old daunte charles is expected of killing his ex-girlfriend's boy friend. a push for health care reform. president talked about his own experience of losing his grandmother last year. he convinced the crowd in colorado that an overhaul would not include death panels.
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we have the latest on the health care battle. >> old faithful bubbling up as the president and first family look on at yellowstone and plenty of emotions spilling over at a health care town hall in colorado. >> let's not yell. >> reporter: he says many are spreading misinformation such as death panels. >> every time we're at reform, special interests are fighting back, they use their influence and run ads. >> reporter: the president answering frequently asked questions, what happens if i like my coverage. >> i don't want government bureaucrats meddling in your health care. >> reporter: many say the government should not be in the business of running a massive health care system. >> our concern is socialize medicine. >> reporter: a college student
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said he would be willing to debate the -- debate the president. >> how in the world can a private corporation providing insurance compete with an entity that does not have to make a profit and doesn't have to pay local property taxes. >> reporter: the president reiterated that they want reform and not a government takeover of the health care system. traveling with the president in grand junction, colorado, fox 5 news. >> a new poll is showing how americans feel about the proposed overhaul. the latest poll shows 34% of americans support the plan, while 49% say they oppose it. have you ever heard of the dog flu. fairfax authorities have confirmed six cases of the swine flu in dougs, one of them -- of dogs, one of them fatal. now humans can not catch the dog flu but they can spread it
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between animals. here are the symptoms. sneezing, coughing, wheesing and a decreased appetite. call your vet if you notice any of these. the redskins back out on the field for a morning and afternoon practice. >> the team trying to regroup from thursday's beatdown in baltimore. the team got friday off to recoup from the loss and it was back out on the grid iron yesterday tprepare for the steelers at fedex field. coming up later, we'll hear from coach zorn on how the too many is preparing to meet the world champs. it is day two of michael vick's comeback to football. his first practice in eagle green came and went without major problems. only a few protestors showed up. he was just reacclimating to a football field. he did some light drills, but didn't speak to reporters after his first practice, but did say, quote, this is weird. wildfire in california are
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growing by the day. how firefighters are trying to overcome the dry conditions and tough terrain. and after days of rescue and recovery from a deadly typhoon in taiwan, good news this morning. help has arrived. 
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investigators say the air traffic controller handling the accident on the hudson did not warn the pilot about other aircraft. now there are reports that controllers noticed the potential collision and alerted the controller at teeterboro who tried to get ahold of the pilot but couldn't. two have been suspended. a 21-foot boat got stuck on some rocks and they had to call for help near the national
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harbor yesterday. rescue crews say the boaters misjudged the shallowness of the shore. rescue crews helped get them free. no one was hurt into the rescue and recovery mission continues in taiwan. international aid has arrived and is been shifting to the hardest hit area. last week's floods washed away cars and homes. the u.s. is among the countries that are sending aid. to northern california now and the latest on the raging wildfires out there. firefighters spent another night battling the flames spreading even more quickly due to drought conditions. governor arnold schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency in several counties. mandatory evacuations are in affect and flames are threatening homes and buildings. and the rugged terrain is making it very difficult to fight fires there too.
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casey siegel has the latest. >> reporter: there are several active firefighters burning in northern california, the largest here in santa cruz county as the flames have chewed there more than 8 square miles on wednesday. investigators do not have an official cause on this fire though mother nature has been cooperating. temperatures are cool, winds are low and the humidity is extremely high, which has kept the flames from spreading quickly. in fact, in just about 12 hours time, the containment number jumping from 5% to 30% which is pretty fast progress. still, some 2,000 people in this region under mandatory evacuation orders as nearly 7,000 firefighters around the state work to get this situation completely under control. remember, california experiencing one of the worst droughts on record so a lot of dry brush all over the place, serving as only fuel for the fires. >> that was fox's casey siegal
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reporting. the latest news, the wildfires have now scorched some ten square miles. so far no one has been luck, including the firefighters. here are some stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. some fun the at the department of defense. they introduce a new web portal for the public called for links to twitter and facebook. and the president welcomes its egyptian president to the white house. they will discuss peace and terrorism. and get in early if you want to get into the airfare deal. check out the jet blue air pass. friday is the deadline to buy your tickets. >> a lot of people are excited about that. >> i would do it if i could travel at will. >> that would be nice. >> but i have to work. the mercury is expected to
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be in the 90s, but don't let the heat force your ac to work over time. we'll show you some tricks o stop your electric bill from skyrocketing. it will get worse. >> students homeless with homework. later an up close look at students without a place to call home.
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maryland is feeling the economic pinch. money trouble on the state level is trickling down. the governor says he'll recommend cutting about $250 million in state aid to local governments. those cuts will affect health departments, police aid, community colleges and funding for roads. it's part of a plan to slash $750 million in spending this summer. well it will be another hot one and for many of you, that means all of those air- conditioners will be working overtime. but there are some things you
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can do for a cool k loo we look at quick fixes in the fox 5 money report. when the temperature is through the roof, so are yo energy bills. cutting back on your cooling costs doesn't have to be a big project. >> there is convenience to it. >> explains brian toll of home energy saving company. >> there is some things you can do yourself. >> getting and using a programmable thermostat is a sure fire way to save. >> let the house be a little bit warmer from 9:00 until 5:00 and that will save you money over the course of the summer. >> a simple one is $50 plus installation, it can pay for itself in the first year. switching your light bulbs can make a difference. compact fluorescents use more energy and give off a lot less heat. >> don't touch it. >> they produce almost no heat
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at all. >> so when you have them on in your home, you're leeting your living space. >> keeping hot air out and cool air in. it takes a home energy audit to find the tiny places where air escapes but start with weather stripping on windows and doors. >> between caulking and weather stripping, you can make a big difference in terms of how air moves in and out of your home. >> and this is key. >> this is cheap stuff. >> even your outlets can benefit. just a few simple steps to keep your home and budget comfortable this summer. >> now also you want to make sure to check your air filter. this is an easy one to forget. i do all of the time. and a clean one will make your air-conditioning run more officially. and we have more money-saving tips on and find out which improvements may get you cash back. sarah. from saving money to
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protecting the environment, folks in fairfax county can unload old electronics. the elect sunday recycle event is going on today. you can drop off televisions and other electronics fe of charge. just head on over to the i66 transfer station on west ox road in fairfax. it runs from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today. kitchen appliances, video cassettes and stereo equipment will not be accepted but we've posted all of the dos and don'ts on, so head there. the watergate hotel may soon have a new owner. the lender holding the $40 million note on the closed hotel says six buyers are now interested in the property. hb capital took back the property after no one bid on it last month. several hotel chains are forking -- are touring the hotel to see how much it would cost to renovate. >> i would have bid on it if i would have had the money.
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they probably wouldn't have taken my bid. the facts on health care reform. the details are falling through the cracks at town halls around the country. so fox 5 morning news will look at the proposals on the table. we'll get a preview with chris wallace. >> and tucker is back with a look at today's weather. looking beautiful out there for now. tucker will tell us o. stay tuned for more fox 5 morning news sunday. start at
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it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's sesame street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ i don't want government bureaucrats meddling in your health care. >> how in the world can a private corporation providing insurance compete with the enity that does not have to worry about making a profit or pay local property taxes? >> the president taking health care rear form to e people -- reform to people holding several town halls across its country. the white house and house and senate all have plans for reforming the system.
8:30 am
fox news sunday is breaking it down to separate fact from ction. chris wallace joins us with a preview of today's program. and chris, you've taken on a big challenge, something none of the town halls have been able to accomplish. >> well that's exactly right, melaniech and it's because of the up to halls we have decided to do it. there has been so much emotion and legitimate concern from americans about the president's plan, that we thought, let's try to find out what is really in the democratic plans and what really isn't in the plans. so we're going to do a fact check today and we've assembled quite a remarkable panel. we have two leading senators that are involved in the negotiatio up on capitol hill. we have the head of the american medical association, the maybe association of doctors. we have one of the heads of aarp and we'll break down all of the questions. will it lead to a government takeover, will it pay for itself or add to the deficit. will it lead to rationing of
8:31 am
care, including the possibility of youth eugene asia so people will know what the facts are. so they can argue if the government should be involved. >> and one of the frustrations that i've been sensing is these town halls, they've been set to be like listening events, but the congress people are out there saying, this is what we're going to do for you, not tell me what you want me to do. >> and sometimes they don't get to do that, because you have town hall, and this is part of our first amendment right, the people that are participating in the town halls that are yelling at the members of congress, that is what we want you to do. so that's an important part of the process, so members of congress do find out what is on people's minds and a lot of it
8:32 am
has been legitimate information and some is disinformation and we want to separate one from the other. >> and the polls are showing plummeting support of the health care reform and also plummeting support for congress and the president's approval rating. do you think anyone will take what they are hearing from this recess and come back and insist on some changes? >> that's a very good question. and i think there's a real possibility of that. that's something else we'll take a look at today. there was an interesting gallop poll. i think when the town halls first started, the democrats not that either the -- thought that many had overstepped their bounds by shouting and disrupting and calling it a mob instead of legitimate grassroots. but there was an interesting poll in usa today this week that those watching the town haldisruptions feels
8:33 am
more sympathetic to the views of the protestors by a margin of 2 to 1. so that would indicate the questions being raised, they're beginning to ask themselves, i think that may diminish some of the support for the president's plan, once they get back into congress in september. >> well, chris, i'm looking forward to having you sort it out for us. thank you again for your time this morning. >> thank you, melanie. >> and you can catch fox nude sunday right after our show, talking with senators and the president of the american medical association and the executive vice president at aarp. the classic power player of the week is opera singer keith graves. > and the president and the first family were out west having a little fun in the sun. the obamas visiting the grand canyon this afternoon. yesterday they took in the sights at yellowstone national park in wyoming. the old faithful erupted right there in front of them and
8:34 am
later on they went for ice cream. they'll head to phoenix later on tonight where i'm sure it will be very, very hot. probably hotter than here. >> well last week we were talking about oh, my gosh gosh it's so hot. but not in relative terms. >> probably not. but it's hot to us. but we caught a break, i think, tucker. it's started to calm down. >> yet was delightful. it was beautiful with temperatures in the upper 80s. good morning, everybody, going to be warmer today. our temperatures will top out in the low 90s. olatok look at our satellite radar. caross the shine eaar it should be just a beautiful day around here. there is a littl g foout to the west. so if you're waking up in western rg s eas you'reprobably waking up with fog. rlerules across be a quiet etd the d-icatlaioulaeg rn. tegs t'ake a look at temperatures. l s oo crtstaoo to the y.da
8:35 am
outside of the beltway here in town. 73 degrees. so that is about y.ason. al and again we'l. 'lseghhie temperatures with a lot of sunshine. not expected rain or thunderstorm activity today. we'll see high temperatures later this afternoon. just a touch warmer than yesterday. highs into the upper 80s and low 90s. 91 here in town. a little warmer off to the oh. down toward fredericksberg touching 92 or 93 down there. 92 in la plata and 90 in baltimore. i'll have an update on three tropical systems for you coming up, sarah. d.c. community members and airports are working on the city's largest public art muriel. the wall is located in the edgewood neighborhood in northeast behind the rhode island avenue shopping center. it is bigger than a football field. check out all of the bright colors. more than 1 had been -- 100 people are expected to add their own touch to the wall as well. >> that's a good activity on a
8:36 am
sunday. well it's right around the corner, kids will soon head back to school and this will be particularly tough for some. districts are being hit with a growing number of homeless students. a look at how kids, parents and schools are coping with this. and the skins try to learn from thursday's shutout loss to the ravens. today two pact ises -- practis are on the slate. we hear from coach jim zorn. 
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today is the second year of what is called life day. more than 10,000 book bags will be given to at-risk kids attending school in the d.c. area. it's at the life center in camp springs maryland and the am blatto care center. fox news talked with organizers about how they are stepping up for the big event. >> our theme this year is called got life. and there are so many dreams that die every day because of a
8:40 am
lack of education. and so our goal this year, we're providing the book bags and our goal is to have each book bag filled wi supplies. >> we've had organizations with wal-mart and giants call us and say we want to make a contribution. and that is what this is all about, because when they can read that means they have a healthier lifestyle. >> and they added a health expo this year and for information on life day, you can go to and click on web links. but for some kids, it's far worse than whether or not they have all of the proper supplies to good -- to go to school. during the tough economic times, many are being hit with a growing number of homeless students and some have had to assigned a shelter stop on bus routes. this is the impact on the kids, parents and the schools. >> the barrage comes daily,
8:41 am
american misfortunate. lost confidence and security and lost wages. aboard bus 4203, principal brian flores has his own very personal index of an economy in crisis. a head count that is literally doubled in less than a year. >> tomorrow i could get five more. >> reporter: you see, not a single youngster on 4203 has a home. not one. the laughter carefree, families are scaring economic rock bottom. >> dad has been laid off, mom had a catastrophic illness. >> reporter: on this night, each rider will attack their homework inside a homeless shelter. >> this year alone, when we topped 100 students, 30% of our population, that was hard --
8:42 am
hard for me. >> reporter: across the country, the number of newly homeless children is escalating so rapidly, it's been described as a tidal wave. experts estimate more than a million children are currently without permanent shelter and a million more are likely to join them as the economic downturn runs its course. >> a lot of people don't appreciate what they have. >> reporter: unable to find work or fordable -- or affordable housing, sharon has sought refuge with the salvation army. last year her son attended six different schools. an economic refugee at the age of 9. >> i think before it gets better, it will get course. >> reporter: back at this elementary school, that's been an all out battle to compensate for hardships beyond kids' control. no simple task when 1 out of 7 students is a shelter slot away
8:43 am
from living on the street. >> we have just as many homeless children that are identified as gifted as nonhomeless children. so if that doesn't tell you how resilient kids are, i don't know what does. >> we have fun here. >> reporter: kids like the bird twins. adrian is a 5th grade spelling champ but brother nathaniel insists he's the smarter of the two. >> i'm looking to play basketball. >> reporter: adrian too has big hopes, dreams overshadowed for the moment by a 9 years old understandable fear each time his mother leaves the shelter. >> she has to work late. >> reporter: and she is all he's got. >> sometimes i think she might not make it. >> reporter: it is these emotional rough spots that brian and his staff actively seek out and endeavor as best they can to smooth.
8:44 am
>> we have to connect to the children. they have to understand that we care, and we're here to support them. it's shameful, they don't talk about it much. >> reporter: which serves only to deepen the vigilence. among homeless people battling to get back on their feet, the school's effort is a blessing. >> i love them back. it helps them to just see themselves. >> this is their mom. >> no matter what situation they're going through, it good to just be a child. >> reporter: a critical effort that could turn more brutal. >> no home, no one to turn to or nowhere to turn to and it will be a visual cycle. >> reporter: and that means sooner rather than later, the principal will need a bigger
8:45 am
bus. until then, you will find him aboard 4203. part of a collective effort by educators across the coutry to replace the stability recession has striped away. >> so they know that i care, they're safe and they're going to get home. >> reporter: even when they don't have one. in houston greg greg an, fox news. in a world where some are worried they will sleep. we have a 21-year-old baseball pitchewho is not sure he wants to take a $10 million plus offer from the washington nationals. the signing ddline is midnight on monday. we'll tell you about the record deal reportedly on the table and tucker barnes is tracking
8:46 am
storms. we'll have to get familiar with the names, anna, and -- what was the orange one? claudette? >> yes. and our forecast will brightne too. we have the deils on our forecast coming up right after the break.
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a month rebate ao pnt.meaywn. go to for details.
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some big stories we're following this morning. 7 people are recovering from gunshot wounds. someone opened fire into a large crowd on minnesota avenue northeast last nightch the youngest victim is said to be 14 years old. none of the injuries are life- threatening. jim webb has secured the release of a american jailed in myanmar. he was jailed for swimming to the -- swimming to the house on the river of a leader. and tropical storm watches in affect. there is also a tropical storm
8:50 am
warning for parts of florida, compliments of a new depression 90 miles off the coast. >> we don't mind hurricanes if they're serves in a glass. >> not so much the way they are in the basin. 2 and a half months of quiet and then in the last 48 hours they have develop and we have a new tropical depression 90 miles west of tamba pay. and that's expected to make landfall later today in western florida. so let's start with a live shot hereby in washington. so a beautiful start to the day. just a touch more humidity than yesterday. i think you'll notice that out there this afternoon. but other than that, should be a very bright day around here. we have a little morning fog out to the west. that will burn off in the bright sunshine so we're looking at a relatively bright day. let's go to the max hd radar and we want to start with a tropical depression. therare some thnds of showers
8:51 am
and thunderstorms just off the moast and this whole piece of energy, this is a tropical wave yesterday, but it's getting its act together in the last 12-18 hour so this could become tropical storm claudette. and it's centered 90 miles to west of tampa and pushing off at 60 miles per hour. so tropical storm warnings are in affect later today and will make landfall in florida. let's talk about anna and bill. and both of these sprung to life in the past couple of days. anna not looking impressive, about 40 miles per hour winds and south of puerto rico and then perhaps into the gulf of mexico. that one we'll watch carefully. bill the more formate, already a trom with 40 mile-per- hour winds this. could become a major hurricane and track in the direction of the eastern united states, although we might get this one to bend out to sea.
8:52 am
but we have to watch all three storms very carefully over the next couple of days. here in what a ngtaswhat a nice looking start to the day. 73 degrees, humidity 81%. winds out of the south and west at 5 miles per hour. temperatures back in the 60s outside of the beltway overnight. 69 in winchester, 69 in baltimore. so a nice looking start to the day. we'll have high temperatures out there in the low 90s. yesterday we were about 89 degrees, today 90, 91 for an afternoon high so nice looking sunday here forecast in washington. a lot of very clear and quiet conditions here. so for today, tomorrow, right into about tuesday, the weather remains fairly quiet here as high pressure will be firmly anchored across the mid- atlantic. each day temperatures will be warmer with highs in the low 90s for the next couple of
8:53 am
days. the cold front well out to wet, that will cool us down by the end of the week so. we do have a little bit of cooler air expected by friday and saturday of next week. hot out there later today. bring along the su -- lotion. 93 for an afternoon high tomorrow. next chance of rain is tuesday afternoon and then a better chance on wednesday and thursday that we'll see scattered thunderstorms and that cold front looks like it gets here toward the end of next w week. so if you don't like 90s, you'll have to wait a couple of days or travel to the north. >> but we've been used to having a mild summer so far this year that you knew it would happen at some point. >> we were due. and it's all good. >> and as tug. >> thanks, tucker. well the redskins are back on the practice field today trying to get a bad taste out of their mouths. >> they were shut out in the first preseason game by the ravens. i stopped watching after it was
8:54 am
26-0. but the key offensive starter, moss, and haynesworth were out. and they netted just 196 total yards. however the coach jim zorn says a positive change is on the way. >> i think we'll even improve in the next five or six days. that's what you ask, what are we going to do? well our tempo will improve, the pace with which people practice, the intensity with which people practice, they have a taste of what was really in the game and so i think those things will happen. >> well here is what is next. the steelers come to fedex field on saturday for the second preseason game and tickoff is at 7:30. time is running out for the nats to sign their top draft pick. they have until midnight morrow to ink steven strausberg. the team president admitted it may not happen because it may not be because of a lack of
8:55 am
effort. they've offered a record deal said to be worth more than $10.5 million. the cubs gave mark prior back in 2001, which is still the most ever given to a draft pick. the nats failed to sign their top pick last year. and as for the players that are signed, the team on the road. adam dunn took his 31st home run of the reason. nats win 10-6. and michael phelps said he had concern for a woman who hit a red light and hit his suv. phelps was driving with an invalid out of state license but he wasn't fined but he will have to appear in court. a mechanical malfunction delayed the first world record. >> a bakery is at it again
8:56 am
looking to set the record for the largest cupcakes when we return. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah! calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you... and world-class rides astound. start at
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it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's sesame street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ attention cup cake lovers. the world largest cup cake. >> it was unveiled at a event
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and thousands will t to taste it this weekend. >> we have just beat the world record and set our own world record of 1224 pounds. >> the old world record was a mear 150 pounds. the attempt to make it 7,000 pounds failed. it's being sold to raise money for the susan g. komen foundation. can i be the spoiler here. >> i know what you're going to say. >> that's not a cup cake. that's a giant cake with the frosting on the top. >> look at that scale. >> i think it was re it was at >> a good cause. we have three storms, anna bill and now tropical depression number four. 91 hern

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 9, Tucker 5, Washington 5, Anna 4, Busch 3, Florida 3, Claudette 3, Nats 3, Houston 3, Afghanistan 3, Baltimore 3, Minnesota 3, Maryland 3, Fairfax 3, Colorado 3, Roz Plater 2, Adrian 2, Tucker Barnes 2, Twins 2, Chris Wallace 2
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